How to Network as a Freelancer

How to Network as a Freelancer

Networking is essential for freelancers. That’s how you discover new opportunities and find potential customers. However, networking can be intimidating, especially for  a newbie in freelancing. Here’s a simple guide to networking like a pro:

1. Define your target audience –  Who is your target? What are their needs? Once you know who your targets are, then it is possible to customise your networking activities in accordance.

2. Go to industry conferences –  Events within the industry are one of the best ways for networking. The types of activities could range from conferences and trade shows, to meetups and workshops. The most important thing when you visit these events is to say ‘hi’ to people, give them your card and ask questions.

3. Join online communities – There are several sites where freelancers can network with people. These communities can be fruitful in learning about the new opportunities, getting advice and finding clients. This platform includes the Lucres website, where you can connect with diverse people from different spheres of life.

4. Use social media – Social networking is a powerful tool to meet other freelancers and access potential clients. Make sure that you use appropriate hashtags, post your work and engage with the community. Do not forget to update your Lucres profile, Instagram page and more.

6. Be a good listener – When networking, listen more. Listen to what people say and ask questions. This will demonstrate your interest. Take note of new recommendations and ideas to use in the future.

7. Follow up – After you meet someone at a networking event or online, be sure to follow up with them. This could be a quick email or message to say hello and reiterate your interest in working with them.

8. Be patient – Networking takes time and effort. Don’t expect to land a bunch of new clients overnight. Just keep at it and eventually you’ll start to see results.

While incorporating all these tips, don’t forget to be authentic and passionate about your work. Remember, a good network takes a long time to build. Consistent effort is key to finding success. Happy networking!

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