In a world that is becoming increasingly dynamic, it makes sense to be on par with the latest happenings. Although it may appear overwhelming, there are various ways to approach this undertaking. Introducing to you… Upskilling! If you haven’t heard the term before, here’s what it means:

   “Upskill” –  an employee gain additional skills.

When gaming, you seek for power-ups, upgrades and boosts that would improve your game. These boost the skills of game characters and make them more powerful. On the other hand, upskilling can result in you attaining essential skills and becoming more valuable as far as job market is concerned. For instance, an individual working in the field of healthcare management could pick up Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems; health informatics and emerging medical technologies. A finance practitioner may get information about the blockchain, cryptocurrencies and new data visualisation tools. A marketing recruit could comprehend SEO and Google Analytics. There’s something for everyone!

Here are some ways to upskill yourself and develop your abilities:

  1. Strength and Weakness Analysis: Moreover, identify your strengths and weaknesses. This is the beginning of learning something new.
  2. Make a Plan: Haphazardly agreeing to new courses and reading everything that is feasible will bring about little results. Choose what to concentrate on and arrange your activities accordingly.
  3. Stay Up to Date with Trends: Subscribe to newsletters, keep abreast of the latest events in your industry and watch for new trends and technologies. This will enable you to use new tools and be more productive.
  4. Professional Training: If you find a weakness and would require an essential skill to incorporate, then it is worth considering online courses for the same. The source of the internet’s strength is endless; you can learn anything. Conduct research to locate a good course. If necessary, sell it to your firm as a means of paying for costs by citing that this will add value. 
  5. Read!: Books are a good method through which one can specialise in an area of their interest and be able to acquire more knowledge. Alternative listening options such as audiobooks and podcasts that are mobile compliant can also be enjoyed.
  6. Mentoring: Someone you report to also offers useful experience and pragmatic knowledge. It can be achieved through shadowing, discussions and direct teaching.
  7. Reflect: Throughout your process ensure that you are actually achieving something and not overburdening the brain with information. Think about what is right and wrong, review your thoughts based on these aspects to make future decisions.

Make sure that you don’t overdo it and eventually burn out. Spend enough free time as well. Love the process of learning and start loving to learn again. Always remember, that which gave you a career and don’t lose the passion. Happy upskilling!

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